Mohammad Khodayarifard, Ph.D. is a professor at the University of Tehran, He is a child clinical psychologist. His main research interests are psychology of religion, positive psychology and psychotherapy. In 2007, he was honored to receive a certificate of psychotherapy from the European Psychotherapists Association and also one from the World Council for Psychotherapy.

Dr. Mohammad Khodayarifard was born in Iran in the city of Hamedan in 1951. He finished his high school education in the same city in 1977 and immediately entered the University of Allameh Tabatabaei in Tehran where he obtained in 1981, his B.A. degree in Clinical Psychology. He pursued his studies in Counseling for achieving a M.A. degree. After successfully passing the English language exam for studying abroad, he went to Wollongong University in Australia and received his Ph.D. in Child Psychology in 1999. He carried on with a post Doctorate and also achieved three other certificates in psychotherapy.
He returned to his home country and became an academic staff member of the University of Tehran. This was a precious opportunity for him to pass along his knowledge and rich educational experience to his students. His outstanding teaching career includes a great variety of courses on psychology, counseling and psychotherapy in the University of Tehran, organizing at least twenty workshops in different fields such as "Positive Psychology & Islamic Psychotherapy", "Applied Methods for Stress & Stressors' Control" and "Optimism", and finally supervising more than thirty M.A. and Ph.D. theses.

He has published his research work in forty scientific articles, has written or translated about fifteen books, and presented about forty papers in Iranian or international conferences. On several occasions, he received different awards for "the best research" and "best paper". In 2011 he was honored to receive the Outstanding Professor certificate from the International Professor Alireza Yalda Academic Foundation in Medical Sciences, in the 2th International Congress of the recent outcomes research in medical sciences.  In December 2014, he received the Outstanding Researcher in 23th Research Festival University of Tehran. He devotes his time to treating his clients, teaching at the university, and conducting research. He is a member of several psychology associations. The range of his research activities include creating tools for evaluating religious beliefs in students and different groups of people, psychotherapy, rehabilitation of prisoners, stress and violence control.

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