ABOUT US - YWCP Goals and responsibilities

As the part of the WCP, the youth Section has adopted the Goals and Responsibilities of the World Council to address the following:

  • To promote psychotherapy on all continents of the world (in accordance with the 1990 Strasbourg Declaration on Psychotherapy )
  • To enhance the conditions for psychotherapy patients
  • To cooperate with national and international organizations in peacekeeping and conflict management measures
  • To create an international information centre for psychotherapy
  • To achieve a counseling status as a Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) of the United Nations (UN)
  • To establish international ethical guidelines for psychotherapists
  • To support all efforts to achieve and maintain human rights
  • To establish international working groups on specialized topics
  • The exchange training standards world-wide
  • To support its members in all psychotherapeutic concerns

Specific Goals of the YWCP:
The youth Section of WCP aims to support the Work of the World Council for Psychotherapy and promote the development of the movement of the young psychotherapists, providing conditions necessary for young professionals in the field of psychotherapy, and support the activities of the WCP, as a Non- Governmental Organization of the United Nations Organization.

Why the Youth Section is indispensable for the World Council For Psychotherapy?

Young professionals have their own special, topical subjects corresponding with their stage of professional and personal development and their own, different outlooks on various issues.
Joining professional community, being noticed and accepted by colleagues is often difficult for students and professionals who are at the very beginning of their working path. Our section provides young professionals with an opportunity to become a part of society and actively participate in the development of the profession.
We give young professionals the opportunity to be heard and realize their projects, to exchange professional experience as with each other, as with more experienced colleagues, find and unite with each other. To develop personally and contribute to psychotherapy’s development and , therefore, to the development of whole mankind!

STRUCTURE - The structure we have

We represent one of World Council for Psychotherapy’s departments.
Representatives and working groups of various countries and different continents are members of our board. The president of section takes part in the board meetings of World Council for Psychotherapy and makes progress reports, reports on the work done as well as on professional situations in different countries.

The Board Members:


Ekaterina Makarova
Arbat 51/40a, 119002
Moscow, Russia
Tel:  +436602120433
E-mail:  kmoppl@mail.ru

Katrin Hofer
Youth Section of the World Council for Psychotherapy
Freudplatz 1
A-1020 Vienna
Tel: +436767481440
E-mail: youthwcp@gmail.com

MEMBERSHIP - Who can become a member?
People, studying or working in the field of psychotherapy (having clinical experience for less that 5 years) can gain access to become a member of the YWCP.

The benefits of being a section member are

The members of Youth Section have discounts for all events of WCP.
The members of Youth Section have opportunities to be a speaker or to make the presentation on world or continental congresses.
The members of Youth Section have possibilities to publish their articles in World Journal «Psychotherapy».
The members of Youth Section are a part of a global web that unites psychotherapists all over the world.


Administration and Organisation
Katrin Hofer

Youth Section of the World Council for Psychotherapy
Schnirchgasse 9a/IV
A-1030 Vienna

For more Information, please, contact us: youthwcp@gmail.com

In Russia: ywcp.russia@gmail.com
In Austria: ywcp.austria@gmail.com

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YWCP - Youth Section
of the World Council
For Psychotherapy

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