Edward WengLok Chan - CV

Dr. Edward WengLok Chan is a practitioner member (level 5, supervisor) and a Fellow of the Malaysian Association of Psychotherapy (MAP). He is the President of the MAP (www.MalaysianPsychotherapy.net); Chief Editor for The International Journal of Psychotherapy, Counseling & Psychiatry:
Theory, Research & Clinical Practice (ISPCP-TRCP.org); the chair and keynote presenter for Asia Pacific Rim International Psychotherapy & Counselling Conference 2013; a presenter at the World Council of Psychotherapy Conference 2014; the chair for and keynote presenter at the 6th Pan Asian congress for Psychotherapy 2015
CounselingMalaysia.com ; the Malaysian representative in the World Council of Psychotherapy; the head of the Psychotherapy Chapter of the Malaysian Society for Complementary Medicine; a fellow of the Malaysian Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Association (MCBTA), the president of MCBTA; the president of the International Society for Psychotherapy, Counseling & Psychiatry: Theory, Research & Clinical Practice (ISPCP-TRCP.org) and a fellow of the European Centre for AntiAging & Regenerative Medicine.

Dr. Edward WengLok Chan is the principal consultant psychologist of the Malaysian Psychology Centre (www.MalaysianPsychology.com) and the International Psychology Centre (IPC) (www.Psychology.com.my). He has been conducting psychological assessment, psychotherapy and counselling for individuals, families, and corporate personnel for the past 16 years in Malaysia, Asia and Europe. At the International Psychology Centre, Dr. Chan heads a team of professional psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists focusing on the delivery of a collaborative and holistic psychological, psychotherapeutic, counseling and psychonutritional services to adults, children, couples, families and corporate clients population.

Dr. Chan has authored numerous books and articles, including, Current Research & Practices on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Asia, 2009, ed., Professor Tian P.S. Oei, the School of Clinical Psychology, University of Queensland, Australia; Love Is Never Enough, Pleasurable Commitment Rules, 2000, Discern Publishing; Are You Man Enough to be a Father, 1999, Discern Publishing, and Dancing with Crocodiles, 2002, Discern Publishing. His professional views on psychotherapy is also regularly sought and featured in national and International newspapers (including the parenting, women and appointment sections of the New Straits Time, the Education Section of the Star and multiple journals including: the Malaysian Medical Tribune, Today's Parents, Better Parents, Mama Moden, Malaysian Women Weekly, Females, Marie Claire, Nona, Jelita, Malaysian Business, CIMA, Health & Beauty. He is also a regular and well-known radio and television personality on mental health and psychological health issues.

Dr. Edward WengLok Chan can be contacted at Edward@Psychology.com.my

Alfred Pritz - CV

Born on the 31st of October 1952 in St. Lorenzen near Schleifling (Styria, Austria),
Alfred Pritz started his career with studying psychologie, psychopathology and  pedagogics in Salzburg, where he also achieved his Doctorate Degree in 1976.

Since 1977 Alfred Pritz is working as a psychotherapist; he is trained in Client-Centered Therapy (developed by Carl Rogers), Psychoanalysis, Group Dynamics, Gestalt Therapy and Hypnosis. Furthermore he is a training analyst for individuals and groups since 1987.

Alfred Pritz has been engaged in many national and international research and educational projects and cooperations.
He has been teaching psychotherapists in training at various levels, from different quarters and on many occasions for over 36 years. Alfred Pritz is also the founding father and principal of the Sigmund Freud PrivatUniversität, which was accredited in 2005 and keeps expanding and growing (further SFU locations so far: Paris, Linz, Berlin, Milano, Ljubljana).

He is a founding member and president of the World Council for Psychotherapy, as well as a founding member and general secretary of the European Association for Psychotherapy. The first three World Congresses of Psychotherapy in Vienna were organized by him and he was also a co-organizer for the World Congresses in Buenos Aires, Bejing, Sydney and Durban.
He is an active editor and author of various books, book series and professional articles in journals and textbooks. 

For further information, please follow this link: http://www.sfu.ac.at/data/CV-Pritz.pdf

Roy Bowden - CV

Roy was born Alfred Roy on the 3rd August 1941 in Waitemata, Auckland, New Zealand. His career began after an intensive three year training in Client Centred Therapy gaining distinction during his three years in a Methodist Theological College.

For ten years he was a parish minister and the director of a family based social service centre.  In 1977 Roy was appointed lecturer in continuing adult education at Massey University in Palmerston North New Zealand. He completed a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and English literature, a Diploma in Social Work and a Masterate in Social Work.

In 1983 he was appointed Senior Lecturer in Social work and Social Policy at Massey University.  In 1986 he established the first private psychotherapy practice in Palmerston North. In 1990 Roy was appointed a foundation tutor for the first Bachelor of Counselling degree in New Zealand teaching for fifteen years. He became the head of the Health Sciences Faculty at the Wellington Institute of Technology in 2002 and returned to private practice in 2005.

Roy is a former President of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists and has been awarded a Distinguished Service Award and Te Tohu o te Pihi (the award of the seed) for his innovative work in bicultural psychotherapy which has informed his keynote addresses and publications.

In 1999 he was appointed to the board of the World Council for Psychotherapy. Roy published the first book on psychotherapy in Aotearoa New Zealand in 2001 and has continued as a teacher and keynote speaker drawing attention to the need for psychotherapy to take cultural belonging into account. He practices as a couple counsellor  and consultant and in 2016 will complete a book on the future of psychotherapy in New Zealand.

For further information, please follow this link: http://www.relationshipsnz.com

Ganesh Shankar - CV

Born on the 11th  of February 1958 in Khurja (Uttar Pradesh, India), Ganesh Shankar  started his career with studying Physical Education, Gymnastics,
Indigenous physical activities, Ayurveda and Yoga Psychotherapy at Punjabi University,
Patiala-Punjab  where he also achieved his Doctorate Degree in 1987. After words , he   studied  Indian and western Philosophy and achieved his D.Litt degree in Yoga Philosophy in 1997.

Since 1979 Ganesh Shankar is working as a Yoga Therapist; he is trained in Yoga Psychotherapy, Meditation and different schools of Yoga like Hatha Yoga, Raj Yoga and Gyana Yoga. Furthermore he is a Yoga Expert/Therapist  for individuals and groups since 1982. He is also awarded  The World Certificate of Psychotherapy (WCP) in 2007

Ganesh Shankar has been engaged in many national and international research and educational projects and cooperations. He has been teaching Yoga Psychotherapists  in training at various levels, from different quarters and on many occasions for over 30 years. He Professor, HOD and Dean  in the School of Educational Studies at Dr.Harisingh Gour Central University, Sagar-Madhya Pradesh-India run under the Ministry of HRD, Govt. Of India.

Ganesh Shankar  is also the founder/ First President of Asian Federation for Psychotherapy (AFP)  in 2001 in Kunming-China and organized 1st International Conference at Sagar in India in 2003.
He is a founding member and vice-president of the World Council for Psychotherapy, as well as a founding member and general secretary of the Yoga and  Psychotherapy Association of India (YPAI). He further organized 4 more international conferences in India- 2005 at Haridwar, 2007 at Sagar, 2010 at Chandigarh and 2012 at Delhi.
He is an active editor and author of various books, book series and professional articles in journals and textbooks. 

For further information, please follow this link:

Rony Alfandary - CV

Rony Alfandary, Ph.D., Clinical Social Worker and Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist. Lecturer at the Weisfeld School of Social Work at Ba-Ilan University, Israel; Lecturer and member of the teaching committee of the post-graduate Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy program at Bar-Ilan University.
Areas of research and publication include clinical and inter-disciplinary studies of psychoanalytical psychotherapy; Focal Dynamic Psychotherapy; Hermeneutics studies of Psychoanalysis and Literature; Genocide Studies; Supervision in Psychotherapy and Social Work; Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents; Psychoanalytic Social Work in practice.

18 Hanasee Road
Karkur, 3706218
Tel. 972-52-5563965

Mohammad Khodayarifard - CV

Mohammad Khodayarifard, Ph.D. is a professor at the University of Tehran, He is a child clinical psychologist. His main research interests are psychology of religion, positive psychology and psychotherapy. In 2007, he was honored to receive a certificate of psychotherapy from the European Psychotherapists Association and also one from the World Council for Psychotherapy.

Dr. Mohammad Khodayarifard was born in Iran in the city of Hamedan in 1951. He finished his high school education in the same city in 1977 and immediately entered the University of Allameh Tabatabaei in Tehran where he obtained in 1981, his B.A. degree in Clinical Psychology. He pursued his studies in Counseling for achieving a M.A. degree. After successfully passing the English language exam for studying abroad, he went to Wollongong University in Australia and received his Ph.D. in Child Psychology in 1999. He carried on with a post Doctorate and also achieved three other certificates in psychotherapy.
He returned to his home country and became an academic staff member of the University of Tehran. This was a precious opportunity for him to pass along his knowledge and rich educational experience to his students. His outstanding teaching career includes a great variety of courses on psychology, counseling and psychotherapy in the University of Tehran, organizing at least twenty workshops in different fields such as "Positive Psychology & Islamic Psychotherapy", "Applied Methods for Stress & Stressors' Control" and "Optimism", and finally supervising more than thirty M.A. and Ph.D. theses.

He has published his research work in forty scientific articles, has written or translated about fifteen books, and presented about forty papers in Iranian or international conferences. On several occasions, he received different awards for "the best research" and "best paper". In 2011 he was honored to receive the Outstanding Professor certificate from the International Professor Alireza Yalda Academic Foundation in Medical Sciences, in the 2th International Congress of the recent outcomes research in medical sciences.  In December 2014, he received the Outstanding Researcher in 23th Research Festival University of Tehran. He devotes his time to treating his clients, teaching at the university, and conducting research. He is a member of several psychology associations. The range of his research activities include creating tools for evaluating religious beliefs in students and different groups of people, psychotherapy, rehabilitation of prisoners, stress and violence control.

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Introduction to Globalized Psychotherapy (published in Vienna 2002) features an unique overview of psychotherapy all over the world.
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