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14.10.2017 17:34:12


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29.08.2017 19:50:41

Tania Zohn-Muldoon

I would like information about the certification process.

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20.07.2017 02:39:22

Joyce Rose

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17.07.2017 03:36:13


Vatican City
Hello. And Bye.

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15.07.2017 09:52:43



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14.07.2017 07:47:28


your site is very nice.

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05.04.2017 12:49:44



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02.02.2017 08:44:03



I can’t to find your email subscription link or e-newsletter service.

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08.01.2017 04:39:20

Sam Manickam

Psychotherapy in India
This articles is a journey through the published papers on psychotherapy in Indian Journal of Psychiatry. Case reports dealt with a wide variety of cases. The review papers focused on the suitability of psychotherapy in the Indian context, different approaches in psychotherapy, psychotherapy training and supervision. Psychotherapy has been viewed very close to faith orientation. There were attempts to identify the indigenous concepts that are applicable to psychotherapy. Empirical studies are low in number. Concerted effort is needed to generate interest in psychotherapy, conduct more research on evidence-based therapies as well as on psychotherapeutic process variables.

Entry 324
20.07.2016 13:37:25

Asaba Owerri

very marvelous site. i love it

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19.08.2015 18:00:40

Dr. Bitea Visarion Vasile ,MD-Destinologist / UE

V V Bitea,was:MD(Klausenburg),Destinologist .............
( Scientific Destinology),Psychotherapist ( Real Destinological Psychotherapy),Poet ( Destiny,etc),
Stresologist ( definition of Existential Stress),and
Polyglot ( English,French,Italy ).
He ,was born in Sighisoara ( UE ),in 06.06.1947,and
living in Roumania, Italy, Austria.

Entry 322
13.08.2015 11:16:59

Bernie Meade

I have just started my own practice and would welcome interaction with other professionals from around the World.

Entry 321
08.08.2015 05:27:04

Dr. Bitea Visarion Vasile ,MD-Destinologist / UE


THE EXISTENCIAL STRESS ,is to await something

or somebody ,or the both.
Dr. Visarion Vasile Bitea ,MD

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11.06.2015 01:46:23

Rev. Fr. George A. Gonzalez, Ph.D.


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19.05.2015 08:35:53


More details about me: I'm studying Transactional Analisys but interested in the integration of different approaches also Interested to get in touch with colleagues from different countries

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19.05.2015 08:33:06


Interested to get in otuch with collegaue from everywhere

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06.04.2015 14:32:47

Jose A. Fadul, PhD

My colleagues and I would like share our experiences, theories, and practices in chess therapy to the world!

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11.08.2014 10:24:16

Arber Zeka

I wont jest to be inform with new happened in the World Psychotherapy

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08.08.2014 22:17:06

Nsidibe Essien

very interesting to see an organised body of psychotherapist

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